A band giving their first ever concert at the notorious Reeperbahn Festival. After initially getting together to practice just a few weeks earlier. That’s certainly not your ordinary band. That was Hepting in September 2016.



Frieder Hepting lent his talent and his name to the trio. He received the Hamburg music award “Krach + Getöse” in May 2016. The jury praised his “crystal clear voice and subtle irony, singing about confusion and consolation, light-footed and melancholic. We were moved and awed.”



Born in Stuttgart, Hepting studied classical piano as a child and taught himself how to sing. In recent years he’s been active in the Hamburg theatre circuit, contributing his own compositions. Currently he’s focusing completely on Hepting. For this project, he joined forces with his longtime friend and fellow musician Peter Voigtmann on drums and Daniel Stritzke playing bass and keys.



Their songs are pop music in the broadest sense. They are being carried by Frieder Hepting’s soft and incisive voice, with beautiful and melancholic melodies and electronic influences. They provoke curiosity.



Currently the trio is working on their debut EP, recording at the legendary Hamburg Clouds Hill Studio. It is scheduled for release in summer 2017.